One of the services we offer is photogrammetry. Here, various photogrammetric methods are used to create a point cloud from a few photos. The point cloud is then meshed. The result is a highly accurate wireframe model on which a texture is placed.

From point cloud to 3D model – Jühnsdorf church (built approx. 14th century)

The following video shows the church Wagenitz, which generated a point cloud of almost 2 billion points and a wireframe model of about 4 million polygons with the help of more than 900 images.

3D model of the hall church Wagenitz (built 1527)

Unfortunately, you cannot see the high accuracy with which such a model was created in a video. Therefore, the church of Jühnsdorf can be examined more closely via WebGL in the following.
Click here.

Once the model has been calculated, high-resolution orthophotos can be created. Like for example here in Goslar of the tympanum.
Click here for the WebGL model.

Orthophoto of the statues of the cathedral vestibule in Goslar

Inspection flight at New City Hall Hannover

Building survey Gutshaus

Facade measurement Schadow-Gymnasium Berlin Zehlendorf