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For the Tomaros mountains in Greece Prof. Elsner from the University of Göttingen investigate the behaviour of different locusts. For the mapping and construction of a GIS he needed a corresponding map fundament. For that Prof. Elsner decided to use services from FPK. The FPK gathered and worked on the IKONOS-satellitedata for that region. Additionally we gathered high resolution SRTM-data. With this data we calculated a straightened aerial view for the investigation area. Furthermore the three-dimensional data can be used for a 3D-construction. We created also a VRML-model.


 3D-Presentation of the Tomaros-Modell (low)




First of all you need a VRML-plugin for your browser therefor use the link on the right side. After the installation you can choose a presentation. In the new window click on the fit-button. Afterwards click on the study-button. Now you can modify the point of view with your mouse.



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