Project Samples Architecture-Photogrammetry: Documentation of Industrial Plants

A documentation of the former Orenstein & Koppel Locomotive Factory in Potsdam-Babelsberg was produced due to redevelopment plans of the entire area. The steel skeleton of the building, built around the turn of the century, was insufficient for the today’s use and should therefore be torn down. A majority of the industrial plant was already under heritage protection. However, a condition of the development permission was to obtain a professional documentation of each of the buildings. FPK Engineering produced all the photographic documentation, performed the surveying of the buildings and the representations of each building in sketch, both in length and in cross section. Altogether FPK Engineering rectified over 300 images and a further 200 photographs were produced to obtain a spatial impression. The preparation of approximately 125 drawings was required for an accurate representation of the buildings. Special attention was paid to the documentation of the steel construction method. Therefore, all profiles and angles had to be determined as well as the system dimensions. The objects were distinguished between primary and secondary substances in order to document the original condition. The total documentation, including a documentary film and colour analyse is now available in the Brandenburg National Heritage Office and can be used for research purposes. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Home > Competitive Services > Architecture-Photogrammetry > References > Industrial Plants

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