Project Samples Geographic Information Systems: Aerial Photo Maps of Forested Regions in Saxony

Another example is the processing and acquisition of geographic data on behalf of the State Forestry Bureau of Saxony.

It must edit the existing forest vector geometry. First an adaptation of the position vector data is sent to the orthophoto. Successional it is necessary to incorporate additional information: Based on the cadastral maps are parcel boundaries identified as already existing geometry or added by digitizing. Finally, the issue of Forestry aerial maps made in different forms according to the understanding of the client.

Original data:

  • Aerial Photography
  • Digital data base of forest-and corridor maps
  • Fort analog base maps


  • Orthophoto base maps with elements of forest 1:5000
  • Orthophoto base maps and elements of the forest parcel boundaries 1:5000
  • Field map with elements of the forest base maps 1:5000
  • Digital parcel map data base and Forestry

Processed Forest Services in Saxony:

Kamenz, Hoyerswerda (partial), Laußnitz (partial), Großenhain, Plauen, calibration, Bad Gottleuba


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