Project Samples Geographic Information Systems: Environmental Maps

Example: Environmental map series by the Office for the Environment Brandenburg

The “Environmental Map Series for the Region of Brandenburg” has been published by the National Office for the Environment, Brandenburg, since 1996. Here individual environmental themes are taken and cartographically converted into maps on a scale of 1:300.000. The thematic selection and technical treatment takes place via Referalpaper Z 9 “observation of regions” in cooperation with the specialized divisions of the National Environment Office Brandenburg. So far, three maps have appeared:

Map 1: Protected Areas, Landscape Protection Areas, Large Protected Areas

Map 2: Water Quality

Map 3: Safe Drinking Water Protection Zones

Between 1997 – 2000 FPK Engineering ltd worked together with the LAHMEYER INTERNATIONAL on two new map topics:

Map 4: Habitats of White Stork and Meadow Breeders

Map 5: Groundwater at Low Depths

Detail of Map 5: Groundwater at Low Depths in Brandenburg


The data were digitally handed over by specialized divisions of the Water and Nature Protection section, transferred into ARC/INFO and processed. The range of our work included the improvement of the existing cartographic concept, layout organization, the printing of the preliminary stage as well as the printing of 2,000 copies for each map. The maps can be obtained from The Department of Public Works.


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