Project Samples Geographic Information Systems: GRIS Adlershof-Johannisthal

Example: Development area Adlershof-Johannisthal

In order to produce an effective development procedure for an area such as Johannisthal/Adlershof, a flexible, easily managed planning instrument is required. Rapid collection, processing and actualisation of ground control point data and spatial information is also needed. FPK Engineering has accomplished this for the Berliner Adlershof Aufbaugesellschaft or BAAG (Berlin Adlershof Construction Company). Programs such as Map Info and ArcView were used as a base for the Grundstudes Information System or GRIS (Property Information System). It can be used with either Macintosh or PC Windows Operating Systems.

According to the requirements of the BAAG, the basic data, e.g. borders, building, field parts etc., was digitised at a scale of 1:5000 and 1:1000. These were further supplemented by an evaluation of results by using both 20 control and 30 height points as well as digital map data from the land surveying administration. It must be noted that data records, in particular geometry, are constantly co-ordinated with one another. The GRIS administers at present approx.. 1000 properties altogether, which are in each case linked with the data in the current castastral register.


The advantages of this system and its structure, are obvious:

  • It allows illustration and producion of maps using simple digitisation and editing tools, to plan projects and their alternatives. Thus different alternatives (e.g. possible investors) can be submitted and then quickly changed.
  •  The system offers a clear combination of different thematic and topographic map contents.
  •  Area computations and the selection of specific or random surfaces, offers a variety of processing options.
  •  Scanned base maps and aerial photographs as well as satellite imagery data can be combined quickly and made into planning maps, providing short actualisation cycles.
  •  various forms of different data (such as attribute and vector data) of different systems and formats can be integrated by means of standard replacement formats.
  •  It supports the most important geodetic and geographical coordinate systems


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