Remote Sensing

For test supra-regional planning, up-to-date planning data are the basis of all considerations. Often, the available maps are not up to date with the continuation, or they do not contain all the desired information. Depending on the required scale level, the data with the appropriate resolution are procured from the satellite operators or commissioned from the aerial photography companies and then further processed (project examples). The evaluation begins with the data processing. Here we have special know-how, especially in the mosaic formation from numerous aerial and satellite images and in the combination of different sensor data. The geometrically and radiometrically processed data form the prerequisite for the subsequent content-related evaluation for quantitative, ecological, surveying and many other questions.

Unser Leistungsangebot

  • Beschaffung und Verarbeitung von Satellitenbilddaten: SPOT, Thematic Mapper, IRS-1C, IKONOS, Quick Bird, WorldView, OrbView, russ. Satellitendaten KFA-1000, KWR, MK-4, u.a.
  • Thematische Auswertung und rechnergestützte Klassifikation von Satellitenbilddaten
  • Herstellung von Luftbildkarten und Satellitenbildkarten, Mosaikbildung, Aerotriangulation
  • Herstellung von Orthophotos, Stereoauswertungen
  • Verlag für Satellitenbildkarten
  • Referenzen

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