Project Samples Surveying: Building Admission of a Mansion

Bauaufnahme einer Villa

Building Measurement of a Country Residence
Complete planning documents are always needed for the renovation or the change of an existing building. This is necessary for example, in order to submit a complete building request, to be sufficient to give to an architect, or to provide as documentation to the responsible heritage protection authority. The following documents are needed:

  • Official Site Plan of the Property
  • Floor Plans for each floor
  • Cross sections of the building
  • Facade Plans

Also in particularly for heritage buildings the building survey may contain:

  • Measurements Detailed in Large Scale
  • Documentation of Individual Stone
  • Room Cataloguing

The building renovation of the mansion at Schopenhauerstrasse 80, was a complete building renovation. All the measurements were completed very quickly as we used a combination of geodetic standard techniques (e.g. Measuring tape, Electronic Tachometer and Laser Surveying instrument) with photogrammetric procedures. By automatically sending the data to the office afterwards, it ensured that a fast and thus economical CAD evaluation was made. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Home > Competitive Services > Surveying > References > Building Admission of a Mansion

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